August 21, 2000--MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. Receives FDA Clearance to Market Its 3-French Steerable Decapolar Electrophysiology Diagnostic Catheter

SAN JOSE, CA.---Aug. 21, 2000–MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. (A privately held corporation) today announced that it received US Food and Drug Administration clearance of its 3-French Steerable Decapolar Electrophysiology Diagnostic Catheter. The clearance also includes a fixed curve version of this catheter design.

Jamil Mogul, CEO/Chairperson of MOGUL ENTERPRISES, stated, "During electrophysiology study, our slim, steerable catheter will help solve the problem of catheter congestion and difficulty in accessing certain intracardiac regions, especially in the right chambers of a heart. This catheter has the following main features:

  • The catheter shaft size is 3 French (.040 inch nominal)
  • The distal shaft contains up to ten recording electrodes to encompass wider intracardiac region
  • The steerable distal shaft has two versions: Uni-directional and bi-directional to access and diagnose different intracardiac regions in the chamber
  • Another version of the distal shaft is a fixed curve distal shaft whose shape can be formed in accordance with the requirements of a physician
  • The distal shaft can have various lengths for various size heart chambers
  • The recording electrodes can have various lengths and inter-electrode spacing
  • The proximal shaft is wire-braided for better torque transmissibility"

MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. is a startup medical company that is dedicated to developing innovative and inexpensive medical devices/instrumentation related to cardiovascular Rx/Dx and minimally invasive/general surgery for filling the needs of budget-constrained and cost-conscious hospitals in the USA, Europe, Japan and emerging-market countries.

Jamil Mogul stated, "We believe that affordability of this device and the other medical devices and instrumentation that are under development at MOGUL ENTERPRISES will help provide an access of modern diagnostic, therapeutic/surgical procedures to millions of patients in small cities/towns in the USA, and in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe."

He also indicated, "Our 3-French electrophysiology diagnostic catheter will be cost competitive enough to be affordable to the budget-constrained hospitals that have a great need of an electrophysiology catheter of this size in their cardiac catheter laboratories. It will generally be priced 30% below the competition while offering more features and better performance than the competitive catheters in this French size."

MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. is in the process of upgrading its manufacturing facility to produce the electrophysiology diagnostic catheter in a higher volume for commercialization. A limited market launch of this catheter is expected to occur within next four to six months. For a full commercial launch, it needs to construct a bigger manufacturing facility; and for this reason, it is searching for investment partners to join the company and receive founders’ stock in exchange for their financial investment. Simultaneously, it intends to offer an exclusive license on a territory basis to manufacture and/or distribute the catheter.

Contact: Jamil Mogul at 1-408-629-3340 (office) or 1-408-489-2083 (mobile) or e-mail: