June 18, 2001--MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. Receives First U.S. Patent for Multi-energy, Multifunction Medical Instrument for Minimally Invasive and General Surgery Applications

SAN JOSE, CA.---June 18, 2001–MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. (a privately held corporation) today announced that its first patent has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The issued patent covers an instrument that supplies multiple energy forms which are intended for medical use in minimally invasive and general surgery applications. The instrument includes a plurality of energy supply modules mounted in a movable cart. The instrument will also typically include a computer control means, with a central PCB that is in communication with the energy supply modules. The instrument will also have at least one display to aid in the operation of the instrument, data input mechanisms to allow various means of control of the modules, and data output devices to display and store pertinent information relative to the operation of the instrument.

Jamil Mogul, CEO/Chairperson of MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. stated, "Our multi-energy, multifunction medical instrument is an embodiment of a breakthrough concept, which will serve the need of the budget-constrained and cost-conscious hospitals that do not have financial resources to purchase several expensive medical instruments, each for a specific therapeutic/surgical procedure. The instrument will initially supply seven energy forms, one at a time, which are mechanical, pneumatic, radiofrequency for electrosurgery, radiofrequency for ablation, microwave, laser and ultrasonic. Also, the instrument will have multiple operational modes and interfaces for various medical disposable devices for a wide variety of clinical applications; and it is designed to be flexible in switching from one energy source to another during the clinical procedure."

MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. is a startup medical company that is dedicated to developing innovative and inexpensive medical devices/instrumentation related to cardiovascular Rx/Dx and minimally invasive/general surgery for filling the needs of budget-constrained and cost-conscious hospitals in the USA, Europe, Japan and emerging-market countries.

Jamil Mogul, also stated, "Our multi-energy, multifunction medical instrument will incorporate physician requirements not fully met with the existing medical instruments in the market, take advantage of state-of-the-art hardware & software technologies and current medical advancements, and may practically lead to standardizing various clinical procedures. Still, it will be affordable to the budget-constrained hospitals."

Jamil Mogul further stated, "We believe that affordability of this instrument and the other medical devices and instrumentation that are under development at MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. will help provide an access of modern diagnostic, therapeutic/surgical procedures to millions of patients in small cities/towns in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin (North & South) America, Australia and New Zealand"

To expeditiously manufacture and market this instrument and the other medical devices, MOGUL ENTERPRISES, Inc. needs to increase its product development efforts and expand its facility. Therefore, it is searching for investment partners to join the company and receive founders’ stock in exchange for their financial investment.

Contact: Jamil Mogul at 1-408-629-3340 (office) or 1-408-489-2083 (mobile) or e-mail: TheMOGULS@aol.com