May 19, 2009-- Mogul Enterprises, Inc. Enjoys Its 8th Successful Presence at HRS 2009 Trade Show in Boston, MA.

SANTA CLARA, CA.---May 19, 2009-Mogul Enterprises, Inc. (a privately held corporation) today announced that it had a successful exhibit at the Heart Rhythm Society's 30th Annual Scientific Sessions in Boston, Massachusetts, marking Mogul's eighth consecutive year as an HRS participant. The Mogul Enterprise exhibit booth attracted a great deal of traffic including potential customers, distributors, contract manufacturers, and investors.

Jamil Mogul, Chief Executive Officer of Mogul Enterprises, Inc., stated, "It is very exciting to see a continued interest in our company and products by potential customers that have seen our products at previous exhibits. Potential distributors and investors seem to be eager to provide venture capital or develop business alliances, which was one of our main objectives in Boston."

The Mogul electrophysiology catheters have already been FDA-cleared and are ready to be manufactured. The products come in 3, 4, and 5 French sizes with up to 10 electrodes, and a 6 French size with up to 20 electrodes. The catheter distal tips have steerable and fixed-curve configurations. EP physicians have been anxious to acquire these catheters due to their advantageous features, superior performance, and price affordability.

Mogul Enterprises, Inc. is an experienced research and development company dedicated to creating innovative and inexpensive medical devices and instrumentation for cost-conscious customers. The corporation is actively seeking investors or a business alliance/partnership to support manufacturing of high-volume production and large-scale commercialization of its products.

Contact: Jamil Mogul at 1-408-629-3340 (office) or 1-408-489-2083 (mobile) or e-mail: